Course Offerings
To help students in all-round development and hold interest in learning, KMVN applies subject-oriented teaching and learning style to arrange discussion and make exploration together with students. Under the joyful learning environment, KMVN aims to help students to enrich knowledge, develop skills, understand civil responsibility and thus, build good personality, attitude and moral. To further motivate students in learning and strengthen learned skills at each level of study, courses are designed with different extra-curriculum activities which tightly link up with the learning subject.

KMVN designs and customs courses to cater for students' individual differences and abilities in learning. Via continuous assessment, KMVN aims to help parents to understand more about the student's ability, strength and weakness. KMVN also holds Parents Days twice a year, Seminars and various Education Workshops for Parents, etc. A close Parents-School relationship and co-operation can provide a better way to bring up the students.

To equip students with a better biliterate and trilingual capability, KMVN hires native English and Putonghua teachers.

In addition, to help students to build self-confidence, enrich their knowledge and apply learned skills, KMVN encourages students to actively participate in different public performances and competitions.